Consistency; the Key to Exceptional Patient Experiences

If you asked your team members what the highest priority for the practice is, they would likely say that it’s ensuring your patients have a great experience. We know that patients don’t just want quality dental care; they also want to feel valued and cared for throughout their entire interaction with your practice. How do we know, though, that each of our patients receives the same high-quality care and service every time? After all, a team member may act in a way they genuinely believe is giving excellent service, but it could leave you cringing! 

The key to this riddle is training consistency! Consistency is critical in ensuring your patients have a great experience at every interaction with your practice. It’s not enough to provide a great experience most of the time or only in the treatment room. Every step of the patient journey matters, from the first phone call to the final follow-up. Consistency across all systems and processes is essential in creating a lasting positive impression on your patients. 

If you’re thinking right now, ‘ok, yes, we do need consistency and good systems, but honestly, the thought of trying to get every staff member on the same page for every step of the patient journey makes me want to crawl under my desk with a packet of double-coated Tim Tams and hide’, I don’t blame you! 

The overwhelm and uncertainty around delivering effective and efficient training is why, at Prime Practice, we offer an in-practice training session called ‘The Walk of the Patient’. This half-day workshop creates alignment in your team and room for discussion on what systems and processes are optimal. Our trainers come to your practice and work with your team to identify areas for improvement. While receiving this training is a crucial first step towards consistency, transforming ideas into reality can be a time-consuming process, which is why we follow this workshop with a one-on-one implementation coaching session with you, the practice leader. Don’t leave your patient experience to chance. Take the first step towards consistency by enquiring about Prime Practice’s in-practice ‘Walk of the Patient’ today. Together, we can help your practice deliver quality dental care and exceptional patient experiences every single time. Learn more now.

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