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How do I add another team member login when using Prime Engine?

As an administrator, you can add another team member login by clicking on the ‘Team’ tab at the top of the screen and clicking ‘Add Team Member’.
If you are not an administrator, you can send an email to events@primepractice.net, inluding full name and unique email address for the new team member.

Who on my team should have a login for the Prime Engine?

Anybody who wants to access the videos themselves should have a unique login. It also helps with setting actions if each team member has their own login identity. The administrator (Practice Owner, Practice Manager,Training Manager) are the ones who allocate logins for the team.

How can I contact my coach on the Prime Engine?

You can contact them via the messages section directly within the engine.

Live Online Training

I’m having issues logging into my session, I click the link on my email and nothing happens.

Type zoom.us/join on your internet browser, then type your meeting ID from your email confirmation. If the issue persists, please contact events@primepractice.net

I've joined the session but the sound isn’t working properly.

For any technical difficulties you are experiencing you will need to speak with Technical Support directly. Please call the toll-free number +61 1800 768 027 etx 2 for Australia, +1 888 799 9666 ext 2 for outside Australia and someone will be able to assist you with your issue.

Did you have the email with the link as I cannot find my email?

Please contact events@primepractice.net or call +61 2 8935 0600

A team member will not be able to attend the session today, can they do it later on?

Yes, you need to notify events@primepractice.net as soon as possible. Alternatively, we record the live sessions and send the link to watch in their own time. The link will be sent out 24hrs after the live session and is accessible for a period of 48 hours. It’s not as engaging as attending live but hopefully this gives your team member a chance to review the session.

Can we replace a team member with someone else?

Yes, we can change the attendance. Please provide full name, email address and position of the person who will be attending the session and who they are replacing to events@primepractice.net


What does my coach do for me?

Your coach will work with you to develop the relevant team skills, systems and processes needed to keep you on track. Your coach will also be your trusted consultant and a constant source of ideas, tools and strategies, and support you through any challenge that you and your team might encounter.
They will create a financial plan for the business annually, and analyse the practice reports with you each month to ensure your finger is always on the pulse.
With scheduled coaching sessions each month for you and/or specific team members, your practice has unlimited access to coaching support as and when the need arises. Your coach will make sure you’re able to implement what you learn at our workshops and customise the tools and resources for the needs of your practice.

Can I or my team revisit workshops?

Growth, Management or Masters Program participants may revisit any of the relevant workshops in their program or send new team members to revisit as many times as wanted, as long as the practice is still registered in either the program.* * Our venues may have limited numbers and are subject to availability. Please register asap to avoid disappointment.

Can my practice do the workshops out of sequence?

We don’t recommend it, our programs are carefully sequenced and work most effectively in the right order. This allows sufficient time to implement systems and information and absorb all the content. Please consult with your coach.

Can I come along to your public short courses?

Practices registered in the Management or Masters Program are welcome to send team members to any of the short courses run by Prime Practice.
* Our venues may have limited numbers and are subject to availability. Please register asap to avoid disappointment.

When discussing roles within a practice, who is considered ‘team’?

Anyone involved in or employed at the practice who is not a Dentist. Ie. Receptionists and front office staff, dental assistants, nurses, therapists and hygienists, business managers and co-ordinators.

We understand your needs

I want to be able to communicate better with my patients, can you help?

Yes, we can help you. Our world renowned Primespeak Seminar has been teaching dentists and their teams around the world to effectively and ethically communicate with their patients. Did you want to know more about this workshop?

I want to improve my leadership skills, can you help?

Yes, we can help you. Leadership is one of the most important skills you can learn as a business owner or manager. We have workshops for Practice Owners and Practice Managers that look at specific leadership techniques. Tell me a bit more about your needs so that I can identify the most suitable workshop for you.

I am a practice manager in a busy practice, can you help?

Yes, we can help you. We teach practice owners how to effectively manage their practice, hire and retain the right staff, deal with difficult situations and relieve the stress of running a successful practice. Tell me a bit more about your needs so that I can identify the most suitable workshop for you.

I want to further develop my team but I am not part of any of your programs, can you come to my practice?

Whilst our workshops are a fantastic tool to upskill your team, you won’t always have the means to travel to another location. Or perhaps you just prefer to learn in an environment you’re familiar with.
Regardless of your reasons, Prime Practice In-Practice Training delivers your training needs right to your doorstep. A customised solution that will fit the specific needs of your practice and team.
To discuss topics and availability, please contact info@primepractice.net

Can you help me to buy/sell my practice?

Our expert advisors at Practice Sale Search can certainly support you in this area. Please contact 1300 282 042

I am enquiring if you provide services to help open a new practice

Our expert advisors can certainly support you if opening a new practice. Please contact +61 2 8935 0600


Can I attend one of your workshops if I am not in one of your programs?

Yes, please refer to our calendar for dates available. Whilst our workshops are a fantastic tool to upskill your team, you won’t always have the means to travel to another location or perhaps you just prefer to learn in an environment you are familiar with. Regardless of your reasons, Prime Practice offers In-Practice Training delivers your training neds right to your doorstep. A customised solution that will fit the specific needs of your practice, please contact info@primepractice.net.

How many CPD points are applicable to this workshop?

Prime Practice workshops in Australia are accredited. Once you have completed the workshop you will receive a certificate which includes details of the CPD points accrued. Please see list of CPD points per workshop above.
The Australian CPD Registration Standard requires all dental practitioners to:
a. ensure that 80% of the minimum 60 CPD hours are clinically or scientifically based (only a maximum of 14 hours of Prime courses).
b. make a declaration of their compliance with CPD requirements at the time of annual renewal.
c. maintain their own records detailing their CPD activities for audit purposes (keeping your certificate on file).
d. produce evidence of their CPD activities when requested to do so by the Board.
The New Zealand Dental Association requires:
The six digit CPD code is provided to you on your certificate, which will be given out at the completion of the workshop. Certificates will only be given to those that have completed the workshop and signed the attendance register.
For other locations, please contact events@primepractice.net

I have certain dietary requirements, who do I notify?

Lunch and refreshments are provided for all short public workshops. Our preferred venues are committed to offering a wide range of food options to all of our clients. They provide menu selections to those with medical dietary requirements. Lifestyle requests and preferences are not always guaranteed. Please email events@primepractice.net with your special dietary requests at least 48 hours prior to your workshop.

Who is running the workshop?

All of our trainers are passionate professionals, whose goal is to give you the tools to help to improve your business. Our trainers have had several years of coaching and training our clients and have themselves gone through specific training to ensure they meet our client’s requirements.

What time are your workshops?

For most of our full day workshops arrive for 8:00am registration and coffee on arrival and a 8:30am workshop start, finishing no later than 4:30pm.
For most of our half day workshops arrive for 8:30am registration and coffee on arrival and a 9:00am workshop start, finishing no later than 1:00pm.
*Please refer to your confirmation email for exact timings.

I can no longer attend the workshop I have signed up for.

If you are unable to attend a workshop you need to inform us as soon as possible. Cancellations must be received in writing
Up to 4 weeks prior to the event/practice visit a 25% refund is available for cancellations or applicants are able to transfer to another Prime Practice workshop or Prime Infection Prevention Control service (at the same cost) free of charge.
No refund will be given for cancellations made with less than 4 weeks notice. Substitution of delegates can occur at any time at no cost.

everything else

When will I get invoiced for monthly payments?

Your monthly fee will be invoiced on the 1st of the month. All subsequent payments will be invoiced on the 1st of each month.

I am on holidays for a month, can I not pay that month's fees?

The fees that Prime Practice charges every month are calculated by working out the costs of: workshops (including venue hire, workbooks, catering, travelling for your workshops, presenting workshops), coaching support for the year, IT support for things such as web-based reporting PLUS all additional services and offerings (seminars, etc). This figure is then divided by 12 to space the payments over the span of a year. The Program benefits are spread unevenly over the year, but it would be impossible to calculate different costs every month.

I didn’t receive an invoice after registering for a workshop.

Please email the following details through to accounts@primepractice.net
Full Name:
Practice Name:
Unique Email Address:
Workshop name and date:

I paid online but I haven’t received any details

If payment has been made via credit card please allow two workings days for your registration to be processed. Once your registration is processed you should receive a confirmation email. Please check your junk/spam folder, if you still haven’t received confirmation, please contact events@primepractice.net

How do I get a copy of my certificate?

For our face to face workshops, please send the following information to events@primepractice.net, to obtain a copy of your certificate of attendance:
Full Name:
Workshop name and date:
If you require a certificate for Live Online Training, your certificate is store in yourAcademy profile once you have answer all questions in the quiz. If you have not set your profile, please contact events@primepractice.net


What is the Prime Practice subscription model?

The Prime Practice subscription model was influenced by extensive client feedback. A Prime Practice subscription allows clients to purchase and download approved products and services from the Prime Practice website.

An active Premium or Platinum Prime Practice subscription provides you with ongoing access to support and updates to the Prime Practice Infection Prevention and Compliance Manual and our subject matter experts in Australia and New Zealand.

How do subscriptions differ from traditional purchase?
The Prime Practice subscriptions provide you with a range of products and services that are bundled together that include significant savings for the client. With an active Prime Practice subscription, there are no additional license or upgrade fees for the products included in the plan.
Access to experts
Monday to Friday business hours access to our network of knowledgeable Prime Practice subject matter experts in Australia and New Zealand. Our experts work collaboratively with industry partners and provide in-house expertise on a range of specialised areas of dental practice management.
What's included in a subscription?
An active Prime Practice subscription provides range of products and services needed to safely manage and grow your dental practice including: Infection Prevention and Control Policy Manual and updates, Online Self-Assessment Audit, Live online Training (IPC), email and phone support, In-practice Training, monthly Q&A webinar, Safety poster and In-practice Audit.
How do customers receive subscription benefits?
The Prime Practice Client Dashboard helps you maximize the value of your subscription. Through an easy to use, web-based interface, you can manage your subscriptions, access downloads and knowledge for products, services and account details.