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Virtual On-Line Training

Our live interactive courses are run by our expert trainers in a virtual classroom training environment.


Coaches Virtual + In-Practice

Our Virtual In-Practice Training will provide all the training needed for you and your team to ensure your practice performs optimally.



Prime Practice’s e-learning courses use videos, exercises and discussion channels to help you put each concept into practice, with real-life examples.


PrimeGo Community

PrimeGo is your online virtual classroom where you and your whole dental team can engage with our e-learning.


Subject Matter Experts

By accessing specialist Consultants and Subject Matter Experts, practice owners and their teams can rely on Prime’s dedicated SME’s/Consultants to tackle problems head on with expertise and assistance.


Workshop Events (Online/Offline)

Prime Practice’s online and offline workshop events provide exclusive, critical training for Dentists, Practice Managers and Front Office staff on best practice skills development.


The business of dentistry is no longer just about exceptional clinical skills. Our practice management solution provides the fundamentals of business to help you run a successful practice and lead your team to success.

  • Boost Practice Production
  • Drive Financial Outcomes
  • Improve Patient Experience
  • Improve Leadership and Team Management skills
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Solution options:

Virtual Training

In-Practice Training

On-demand Course

1-on-1 Coaching

Assessments /Toolkits

Email Support


Prime’s HR Solutions provides you with a specialist HR expert to help you across all elements relating to your team. This solution, a little like an outsourced HR Manager, can provide comfort and confidence that your approach is compliant, up to date with current legislation and in the best interests of all parties.

  • Employment contracts prepared by employment law experts and tailored to your practice
  • End-to-end HR consulting and advisory pack
  • HR Toolkit with policies, procedures and checklists
  • Improve your recruitment approach
  • Advertise Pack – to support you in the recruitment process
Solution options:

Virtual Training

In-Practice Training

On-demand Course

1-on-1 Coaching

Assessments /Toolkits

Email Support


Prime Practice Infection Prevention and Control solutions provide support  to your practices in continually improving efficiencies of workflow and policy implementation to maintain complaint procedures while fostering a team managed approach.

  • Policies and procedures manual
  • Online self assessment
  • Virtual IPT (2 hour)
  • Poster Series
Solution options:

Virtual Training

In-Practice Training

On-demand Course

1-on-1 Coaching

Assessments /Toolkits

Email Support


Prime Practice has partnered with GDW to bring a self-paced course on all things dental marketing. GDW OnDemand was built for dentists and front office staff like yourself. We’ll cover topics like how to write for the web, effective use of social media, and understanding SEO and paid search.

Solution options:

Virtual Training

In-Practice Training

On-demand Course

1-on-1 Coaching

Assessments /Toolkits

Email Support


Having support from Prime, especially during those early years of financial struggle and more recently with COVID has made the biggest difference to me. I love most the respectful and honest way Prime communicates with me and my staff. A skill that they have imparted to me and my team. In the end, I humbly say that even though I am a sole practitioner, with Prime I do not feel alone.

Dr Gwendolin Flanagan

BDS (Syd Uni) GDDI (CSU)

I have been a part of Prime Practice since 2007 and they have taught me skills that have helped me create a positive team culture through effective leadership communication and how to successfully manage a busy practice that is thriving both financially and harmoniously. When it comes to leadership skills and training, Prime Practice have amazing insights and tools to help everyone become a better leader. The staff are so passionate about what they do and they inject that pride and passion into their training!

Karen Dolbel

Practice Manager, Chinchilla Dental Practice

Client Story – Dr. Gwendolin Flanagan


  • Solo dentist and PD stressed from the financial responsibilities of owning a practice.
  • Wanting to create financial security for her family and staff.
  • To improve work life balance to ensure a long healthy life.
  • Gwen was already working full time and stressed.


  1. To receive personal coaching support to improve her business. Specifically Gwen wanted to experience support and have her hand held, rather than going it alone. Recognised that she can become fearful; and knows the negative impact of stress, she wants to have a long life, and coaching will help moderate stress.
  2. To increase profitability. Start tracking production and expenses to understand trends and support creating profitability and security for her practice, her family and her staff.
  3. To help her team grow through the workshops and improve patient communications, appointment book control and have procedures written.
  4. To increase her case acceptance and treatment planning communication.


In 2020 Gwen successfully bought a property and built her own dental practice; creating a sense of control and financial stability for her future. During this time, Gwen has developed strong protocols around all systems of the business. The practice collections have increased by 35% over 7 years, and hygiene represents 20% of total production. The strength of the practice hygiene department has continued to develop over the last 5 years.

A Key to Gwen’s success has been utilising Prime’s resources to support knowledge and manage wellbeing. Gwen believes utilising every Prime training opportunity offered during COVID made a huge the difference to her business success and survival keeping the business intact and preventing it from falling over, ‘Gwen did everything Prime told her to do’.

Gwen reached out to utilise many of the services offered by Prime – Bethan Flood for HR, recruitment and trouble shooting. GDW for website design and support. Meg Sharpe for Infection Prevention and Control. Training and coaching is always a regular source of support for herself and sometimes her team to develop business growth.

Dr. Gwendolin Flanagan’s Transformation Journey

Goal Setting & Cashflow Projections

Coach liaised with Gwen’s book-keeper. Created an Annual Plan with daily production goals. Tracked goals and analysed with coach monthly.

Systems & Protocols

Highlighted the practice had opportunities to improve systems including – pre-blocking, cancellation policies, emergency patient protocol, active maintenance, patient reactivation system, and daily huddles – and implemented these. Workshops, coaching and adding Protocols to How-We’s supported the implementation.

Virtual Primespeak Training

Practice attended all Prime workshops and Primespeak. They embraced Primespeak and the Coach focussed on helping to create new patient exam process.

Setting up Hygiene and OHT department

A hygiene and OHT department was created at the time when the active maintenance program had grown too big for Gwen to manage solo. She was very nervous about having a hygienist as it was new to her, however trusted in Prime, and implemented hygiene department. We helped with recruitment. Hygiene production now represents 20% of total production and has reduced Gwen’s stress around patient management.

Website Audit & Consultation

Worked with GDW as a ‘pilot’ practice to move from a one page blog website to a professional GDW website which has been effective with offering patient communication. This has helped Gwen increase her confidence with updating patients – especially around COVID announcements.

1-on-1 Coaching

Development of a strong client and team relationship with Prime Practice utilising coaches, workshops, trainers, HR Solutions, GDW. We created a trusted advisor relationship, supporting Gwen through new all phases of her business.

Progress and Result

Over time, it was clear Gwen needed to relocate from an unhappy landlord situation with her practice. In 2020 she successfully bought and fit out her own practice which has given her increased ownership of her destiny – eventually it will create strong profitability.