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1 CPD point is given for each hour attended at a workshop/training session.
Once you have completed the workshop you will receive a certificate that includes details of the CPD points accrued.

All dental practitioners are required to maintain their own records detailing their CPD activities for audit purposes (keeping your certificate on file).

For New Zealand Dental Association the six-digit CPD code will be given out at the completion of the workshop.

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Prime Practice In-Practice Training delivers your training needs right to your doorstep. A customised solution that will fit the specific needs of your practice and team. Virtual In-Practice Training can also be another option. Visit

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Yes and we also have an AfterPay option available.

Here is a video on where to find your certificate in PrimeGo

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Yes, It is designed as a Practice Managers community. Both the Practice Manager Network and Academy are for PM’s only.

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Please visit the Prime Shop, click RESUBSCRIBE in My Subscription and update your credit card details by logging into my account.

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Here is a video with instructions on how to find your workbook

Here is a video with instructions on how to sign up for PrimeGo

Yes, we can help you. Our world renowned Primespeak Seminar has been teaching dentists and their teams around the world to effectively and ethically communicate with their patients.

Click below to learn more about our Primespeak training course.

After the 30 days free trial period, the Practice Managers Network trial has a 12-month commitment.

Please see our terms and conditions on our website here

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The Practice Manager Academy requires a 12-month commitment.

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