Key Outcomes


By the end of Primespeak, you will have the tools and techniques to…


Reduce the potential for patients to say, “I’ll think about it“.


Turn “I hate going to the dentist” into a relationship-building opportunity. 


Manage the ‘no-pain  = no problem‘ obstacle.


Eliminate any perception of sales pressure or the potential of being rejected.


Shift a new patient’s previous bad experience and mismanaged expectations into your favour.


Learn to align pre-existing patient beliefs about oral health with your knowledge. 


Implement the Primespeak approach with both new and existing patients


Primespeak enables you to help your patients make informed decisions through effective communication. You will be focused on educating them about their current condition and the best options available. This will enable them to make informed decisions without feeling pressured into a specific course of action. 

This counter-intuitive method will remove the need for sales-like conversations and take the stress of failure out of your patient communication. 

The result is a stress-free bond of trust between you and your patients. 

A unique world-class virtual training on dental patient communication.

This three-part interactive online seminar provides participants with the tools to increase dental case acceptance while building trust and long-lasting patient-clinician relationships.

Take the plunge

Come and uncover how you can get your patients to ask you for the treatment you know they need.

In this 1-day workshop, you will learn how to present treatment options and get your patients to make informed decisions while building trust and long lasting relationships. Primespeak Workshop’s success has been due to its ability to support participants to…

remove any perception of sales pressure
increase patient ownership of their dental conditions
bridge the gap between what a patient thinks they need and what you know they need
take the stress out of communicating with patients
NEVER be rejected
ALWAYS maintain trust and rapport with patients