Practice Manager Consulting

AU $643.50AU $3,415.50

Our experienced Practice Manager coach provides 1:1 consulting to your Practice Manager or PM in training to help them

  • Create policies and procedures
  • Implement key processes
  • Establish and run team huddles and meetings
  • Lead front office teams to success

Louise Howlett

Coach and Practice Manager Consultant

Louise started her career as a Dental Assistant in 2000 and over the next twenty-one year’s held roles as Front Office Coordinator, Front Office Manager and Practice Administrator in Brisbane and London. Over this period, she worked at several practices that utilised Prime Practices services and was impressed by the positive change that occurred for both patients and teams. In 2021, Louise combined her knowledge of Dentistry and the Prime Practice systems with her passion for helping and empowering individuals and joined the team as our Practice Manager (PM) Community Manager. Through the PM Programs, Louise facilitates a community for PM’s to connect, as well as provides support and resources designed exclusively to help Practice Managers lead their practices to success. Louise also provides practices with onsite and virtual consulting and coaching services, assisting teams to provide their patients with the highest quality of service and care.