Knowing Your Gaps & Performing at Peak Efficiency

According to the BOQ Specialist Dental Research Report 2016/2017, up to 77% of dental practices do not operate at peak efficiency.

Here’s Dr Phillip Palmer, Founder and Chairman of Prime Practice, to share his insight on the common issue that is holding back 77% of dental practices from operating at peak efficiency.

What’s included in practice analysis

The Prime Practice Analysis will tell you what’s working well in your practice, what’s working okay and what’s NOT working so you understand the true potential. It will not only provide an objective evaluation of your practice, it will target where the holes lie, where you can improve and how to get there using over 20 years of experience to guide you with appropriate solutions to your unique situation.

Get a clear picture of your practice today, outlining your current patient base and clinicians’ capabilities / production.

Having an understanding of the potential of your clinicians can highlight massive opportunities for growth.

Having a good understanding of where your team is at can provide opportunities for your own leadership, as well as opportunities for your teams’ development and potential.

The Prime Practice Analysis will give you an outline of your current team using confidential questionnaires to pin point any gaps in satisfaction / knowledge / systems / engagement / opportunities for growth.

We will assess your current marketing efforts to find the best ways you could be getting more new patients in the door and assess if there are any marketing efforts that are not working to help you save money.

Getting a sense of your practice expenses in comparison to a benchmark can help highlight any opportunities for growth and where your practice may not be reaching its potential.

Find any gaps in your active maintenance systems. On average, our Prime Practice Analysis has uncovered $538,220 in missed active maintenance opportunities alone!

Is your team set up for success in your business? Are your codes of conduct and all human resource policies documented for compliance and to ensure that all team matters are handled appropriately?

Each aspect of the analysis will be carefully analysed against benchmarks and over 20 years of experience and knowledge helping dentists create their dream practices.

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