A unique world-class virtual seminar on dental patient communication. 

This three-part interactive online seminar provides participants with the tools to increase dental case acceptance while building trust and long-lasting patient-clinician relationships. 


Course Outline

This online seminar spans across 3 weeks of learning and is designed as a complete communications program.


Primespeak: The Fundamentals of Patient Communication

In week 1, we set the foundations for optimal communication between the dental practice and patient. 

Using the New Patient Exam as a framework, we will explore the following topics: 


Ethical Dentistry

Define what optimum dentistry looks like and a winning approach to effectively communicate it to your patients. 

You will also explore the two rules of Ethical Dentistry to ensure that the patient truly knows that you’ve got their best interest at heart.

Understanding Patient Behaviour

Explore the 5 laws of Patient Behaviour that underpin all the tools and strategies of the entire Primespeak approach. You will learn how to answer questions like:

  • what really motivates patients?
  • how can I connect with patients quickly?
  • how do I handle a patient’s strong beliefs? 

Building Trust

Clinicians and Patients tend to communicate in different ways.

At Prime Practice, we call these communication zones and when the clinician is not communicating in the same zone as the patient – trust can get diminished. 

In this section, we will explore 5 ways to build trust as well as what clinicians do unintentionally to lose trust. 

Primespeak: The New Patient Exam

Most clinicians understand that there is often a large gap between what patients think they need and what clinicians know they need. 

In this week, we will explore the Primespeak approach to effectively bridging the gap at the New Patient Exam. 


Strategic Thinking

In this section, we will explore a more strategic approach that enables clinicians to expose conditions that the patient may be unaware of (or unconcerned about) and to proactively preempt obstacles.

The Pre-Clinical Discussion

The Pre-Clinical Discussion is a vital piece of the communications puzzle. It sets the tone for the whole New Patient Exam.

Using a variety of tools, this section provides techniques that support the clinician and the patient throughout the Pre-Clinical Discussion.

You will get to watch an example of a Primespeak Pre-Clinical Discussion and then practice it with your other colleagues in small breakout rooms with one of our trainers.

The Clinical Exam

In this module, you will discover a new approach to communicating with  your patients throughout the Clinical Exam. This approach is built upon the techniques learnt during the Pre-Clinical Discussion session.

You will get to watch an example of a Primespeak Clinical Exam and then practice it with other colleagues in small breakout rooms.

Primespeak: The New Patient Exam (Continued)

Drawing on all the Primespeak tools learnt, we will practice applying them to support patients in making an informed decision about their oral health. This will encourage patients to take ownership of their own oral health – thus seeking your solutions to the problems that they are aware of and concerned with. 


The Consultation

When patients own their oral health problems, they will naturally seek solutions.

In this session, you will learn a new communication approach throughout your Consultation using the tools and techniques learnt in the previous week. This will allow you to set the premise for the patient to be open when discussing treatment options. 

Presenting Treatment Options

Learn a new and more comfortable approach to presenting treatment options that will remove stress for both you as the clinician and the patient. 

By doing so, you will also enable the patient to feel empowered in making an informed decision.

You will watch an example of a Primespeak Consultation and then practice it with your colleagues in small breakout rooms.


To ensure optimal implementation back in the practice, we will take the time to summarise the Primespeak approach and explore any lingering questions that you may have.