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As clinician and a business leader, it can be difficult to balance the competing demands. You have the technical skills but do you know what you need for your business, people and processes? Prime coaching and consulting can empower you and your team to transform step by step to be great a great business and great with patients .

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Brett Churnin

For many years, Brett has delivered empowering and motivating workshops to dentists in the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and NZ. His keynote speeches focus on how to build trust-based relationships with patients, using clear communication strategies that instil confidence in both dentists and patients alike.

Jen Cox

Being a business Coach with Prime allows me to make meaningful change for the business owner and their teams by implementing systems and procedures that ease pressure and stress on the whole team.

Daleen Kupsch

Daleen Kupsch

What I love most about coaching is building lasting empowering relationships with our clients and their team members. The real magic happens when implementation is a full team effort and team members are aligned and experience their own transformation and shift in why and what they do.


Sheilah Hogan Casey brings a broad set of commercial, strategic and operational skills to coaching. Her capabilities tackle business optimisation with a focus on the customer & patient experience.

Maya Carson

Maya is a coach and trainer with a genuine interest in people. She has a particular interest in personality, and how this affects communication in the workplace. She is firm believer that workplace performance is enhanced by developing leadership and management competencies, and enjoys facilitating clients’ insights around interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence.


Harvey is an experienced business and executive coach, trainer and best-selling author. He has a strong background in Financial Services and Advice, and has also facilitated coaching and training across many industries.

Michelle Clark

With a value-focused philosophy, Michelle’s intent is for every client to leave an interaction with increased clarity, confidence, and actions to maximise opportunity. Michelle enjoys sharing knowledge on positive mindset, inspired goal setting, effective communication, measuring results, consistent actions and work-life balance.


Steven is an ICF trained Coach with over 1500 hours of coaching individuals on Leadership, Business Management and Effective Communication. Steven is able to build immediate trust with individuals to draw out insight, empower, motivate and inspire a collaborative and inclusive approach to group decision making and problem-solving.


Dominic has been a business Business Coach, Consultant and Trainer since 2003, working in Australia & overseas across the hospitality, automotive, construction & engineering industries, with businesses from $1m to $5b in annual turnover.


Mandy has 30 years’ expertise in business coaching and leadership. Her skills include process productivity and efficiency, risk management and compliance, professional education and coaching having run a private practice and licensees and worked at CBA.


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What our clients have to say

Since joining Prime, we realised the importance of recruiting the right team members.We have now built up a team that is really enthusiastic about their roles and love their jobs. Everything goes much smoother this way.

We have also put in place protocols and systems for most situations. Because everyone in the team knows what they are expected to do, we don’t need to run around micro-managing everybody. It is clear and efficient and most importantly, we are able to get on with our clinical jobs.

Judith Ong

iCare Dental

My coach and I have a really good relationship. We have regular contact when needed and he is great at giving me lots of insights into my practice. 
For example, I have just put on a new dentist and hygienist in the last few weeks. It’s clearly early on, but they are already doing full days. My coach was integral in helping me to move patients from me to the hygienist or new dentist. I was given a checklist on how to do it and now it is easy. 
He understands my view of my practice and is a great support to have. I have never had a coach in dentistry, but because I was always involved in a lot of sports, I have learnt how to trust, listen and do what the coach says to help me achieve my goals. It has been working the same way.

Dr Ricardo Paez

Family Dental Group

(Coaching) It is amazing. I don’t consider her to be just my business coach… I consider her to be our life coach. Our whole team feels the same. She is incredibly experienced and, over the last 3 years, we have been building a really solid relationship. If we have any challenges in the practice, she is available. We have also been having a group chat with our coach to help them to get to know each other. So they can trust Prime and what we are trying to achieve with our practice.


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