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Practice Managers Network offers

A Community of like-minded Dental Practice Managers, so you can confidently ask questions relating to your role in a safe and private environment, have a supportive network of understanding peers to share your wins and challenges and grow your professional network.Downloadable dental templates and checklists, so you can save hours of time researching and creating resources and quickly implement templates and checklists created by Dental PM’s for Dental PM’s.On-demand professional development resources will help you develop your Practice Management skills with varied learning materials: blogs, top tips, microlearning videos, webinars, and podcasts and get reliable, relevant resources covering the Five Pillars of Practice Management: IPC, HR/Management, The Business of Dentistry, Leadership, Marketing.

 Joanne Petrie – Practice Manager at Preventive Dental Care, ACT

 Before joining Practice Managers Network Joanne struggled to find:

❌  where to connect with, people that had the same role and who experience the same issues that she encounters as a Dental Practice Manager;

❌  the free Practice Manager groups on social media were not beneficial enough for her as a Dental Practice Manager;

❌  a safe place to ask questions about topics that she didn’t feel confident about without fear of recrimination.

Since joining the Practice Managers Network Joanne found:

✅  more confidence in being more engaged with peers and ask questions;

✅  a place to connect with peers in her area and is able build professional relationships;

✅  someone to call if she needs to borrow a product urgently or meet for a coffee and discuss the issues she faces as Dental Practice Manager.

 Alyssa Birch – Practice Manager at Acorn Dental Centre, WA

 Before joining Practice Managers Network Alyssa was experiencing:

❌ staffing and recruitment issues;

❌ difficulties with efficiency with record keeping;

❌ lack of support from people that can relate to my situation.

Since joining the Practice Managers Network Alyssa:

✅ feels much more supported and is able to tackle problems that arise;

✅ enjoys the community feel;

✅ finds resources that the Practice Managers Network provides very helpful.

Practice Managers Academy

Future-proof your career growth and become a Prime Practice Certified Practice Manager.

Take on the pathway to become the Practice Manager that all dental practices are looking for with our Practice Managers Academy subscription.

Your Academy subscription will grant you access to additional Prime Practice training modules specifically across the five pillars of dental practice management that will award you with a degree of recognition within the dental profession.

As a Prime Practice Certified Practice Manager, there is nothing you won’t be able to handle.

Practice Managers Academy curriculum


I had such a great time learning in the PM Academy. It was really nice to reach out to others in the same boat because we are very isolated- especially being rural.

I feel a lot more confident in myself and I learnt how best to manage my reactions to conflicts and in doing so – I learnt to not take everything to heart so much and approach everything with an open mind.

It has also given me the boost I needed to take control in a healthy way and confidence in my own decision making.

So thank you for all your help and the support. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to Practice Managers who are just starting- or practice managers- like myself – who had been in the role a few years and were lacking a little guidance and motivation.”

Anna Baxter

Practice Manager

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